Question: Where is the Maple equivalent to MatLab's `allpaths`?

GraphTheory:-IsReachable can be used to "determine if there is a path between two vertices", and GraphTheory:-ShortestPath can be used to "find a path between two vertices with minimum distance", but which command can be used to "enumerate all (simple) paths from one node to another" like MatLab's allpaths in Maple? 

For instance, I would like to enumerate (not simply count) at most 3483192 paths with total weights at least 45 in the graph constructed from matrix.txt that begin at node 30 and end at node 29
There exists a practically ready-made procedure LongestPath (where only a limited subset of its local variable Pab is needed) in a previous question. Nevertheless, after waiting for a quarter of an hour, the evaluation still did not terminate, and I had to abort it manually. Meanwhile, MatLab completed the same computation within one minutes: 

So, how to list those 1008252 paths (without knowing the actual total number beforehand) faster in Maple?

Note. MatLab also has a built-in function allcycles, whose efficient Maple equivalent has been proposed in How to obtain all cycles in a graph from its cycle basis - MaplePrimes, yet I cannot find an analogue to MatLab's allpaths

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