Question: Incorrect `limit`?

For instance, considering the expression expr ≔ exp(1+LambertW(0,x))*(exp(1)*x+log[exp(1)](sqrt(2*Pi))-lnGAMMA(1/2+exp(1+LambertW(0,x))))

expr := exp(1+LambertW(x))*(exp(1)*x+ln(sqrt(2*Pi))-lnGAMMA(1/2+exp(1+LambertW(x)))) assuming x >= -1/exp(1):

The following limit can be calculated directly: 

1/:-limit(expr, x = +infinity, 'left');

We can also evaluate limit(1/expr, x = ∞)

:-limit(1/expr, x = +infinity, 'left'); # MultiSeries:-limit also returns wrong result. 

However, according to plot([1/(exp(1+LambertW(x))*(exp(1)*x+ln(sqrt(2*Pi))-lnGAMMA(1/2+exp(1+LambertW(x))))), 24], x = -1/exp(1) .. +exp(Pi), 'legend' = [1/expr, 24]), the limit value 0 cannot be correct. 
So is this a bug? (And has this been fixed in the forthcoming version?)

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