Question: Search for congruent numbers

 local  a,b,An,Bn,Cn,Dn:
if n mod 2 = 1    
An:=0:     Bn:=0:    
for a  from (round(-sqrt(n/(2)))) to round(sqrt(n/(2)) )
for b  from (round(-sqrt(n)) )to round(sqrt(n) )do :               
if (sqrt(n-2*a^(2)-b^(2)) )/(32)isInteger                      
then An:=An+1                
elif (sqrt(n-2*a^(2)-b^(2)) )/(8) isInteger                      
then Bn:=Bn+1  fi:          
od:  od:
 if 2*An=Bn  
 return(True)  else  return(False)
fi: else if n mod 2 = 0 : 
Cn:=0:  Dn:=0:      
for a  from (round(-sqrt(n/(8)))) to round(sqrt(n/(8)) )
do :          
 for b  from (round(-sqrt(n/(2)))) to round(sqrt(n/(2))) do:                 
f (sqrt(n/(2)-4*a^(2)-b^(2)) )/(32)isInteger                      
then Cn:=Cn+1                
elif (sqrt(n/(2)-4*a^(2)-b^(2)) )/(8) isInteger
then Dn:=Dn+1 fi: od:  od:  
if 2*Cn=Dn:   
return(True)  else  return(False)fi:  

Why do I get this messge : Error, unterminated procedure. Thank you.

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