Question: How do I solve an invalid subscript selector in my proc

I keep getting an error: invalid subscript selector on specifically this part of my code:

MuligIndgange := subsop(RemoveList\[i\]=NULL, MuligIndgange).
Whenever I comment out the MuligIndgange := part it works.

I can't for the life of me see why it's happening, and whenever I use this code outside my proc it works aswell.

Any help is appreciated, and if you need more context I'll be happy to give it.

for i to numelems(MuligIndgange) do
     if M1[MuligIndgange[i][1], MuligIndgange[i][2]] =/= 0 then
         RemoveList := [op(RemoveList), i];
      end if;
end do;
for i from numelems(RemoveList) by -1 to 1 do
    MuligIndgange := subsop(RemoveList[i] = NULL, MuligIndgange);
end do;

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