Question: should int() result match exactly what is given as "default" in _RETURNVERBOSE ?

Simple question. I hope it has simple answer. I have always thought that what int() returns should match exactly what "default" result shows when using int() with the option _RETURNVERBOSE 

I mean exact match. But this below shows that int() result underwent some simplification as it is not the same as default.


integrand:=sin(x)/(sin(x) + 1);
maple_result_1 :=int(integrand,x);
maple_result_2 := int(integrand,x,'method'=':-_RETURNVERBOSE')[1]

Ofcourse maple_result_2 can be made the same as maple_result_1

simplify(rhs(maple_result_2)) assuming 0<x and x<Pi;

But this is beside the point. Why is "default" is not excatly the same as int() result?  It seems that int() does something more after obtaining the :"default" result as shown.

Should default not match exactly result from int() ?

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