Question: Can one install a Maple update and keep earlier version?

Is there a way to install 2024.1 and keep 2024 there also? i.e. install 2024.1 along side 2024? This way if I find a problem and want to check 2024 I still have it? 

i.e. install Maple 2024.1 in its own folder, separate from Maple 2024, and have its own icon on desktop. 

If I install 2024.1 using Tools->Check for update,  it will overwrite 2024 and not ask me if I want to keep it. At least this is what happened in Maple 2023 and earlier versions. So wanted to ask before I try to do this again, else it will be too late.

If I do not use Tools->Check for updates, and instead download 2024.1 manually from the product web page, will one then be able to install 2024.1 and keep 2024? Or will it also overwrite 2024? I have not tried because I do not know if it will ask me or not.

Maple 2024.

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