Question: How to simplify a compound expressions?

Hi all guys, I don't know how to simplify this easy expression? I have tried simplify command, and expand command, no use. Welcome to answer and thank you!


y1(x) = 2*sin(x)-sin(2*x)+cos(2*x); y2(x) = 4*sin(x)+sin(2*x)-cos(2*x); diff(y1(x), x); diff(y1(x), x); simplify*(1/2*((diff(y1(x), x))^2+(diff(y2(x), x))^2)+1/2*(3*y1(x)^2-y1(x)*y2(x)+y2(x)^2))

simplify*((1/2)*(diff(y1(x), x))^2+(1/2)*(diff(y2(x), x))^2+(3/2)*y1(x)^2-(1/2)*y1(x)*y2(x)+(1/2)*y2(x)^2)




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