Question: Looking for all of the Maple product pdf brochures for all Maple editions? I am requesting them.

I'm looking for all of the Maple product brochures for a project I plan to put together.  Does anyone have any of the product brochures?  They are certainly a quick reference between versions to see what has changed. 

Sadly I cannot find the older pdf brochures for all the Maple V releases, Maple 6, Maple 7,  Maple 8, and Maple 9 anywhere online. 
So far I was able to locate all of the brochures for 9.5 and up.

If anyone would happen to have these pdf brochures saved somewhere on their hard drive I would much appreciate it if you could make it available to me.  Or if anyone can point me to a location on the internet.  (I've pretty much scoured everywhere in google for them)

Can anyone provide any help?  It would be very much appreciated.

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