Question: OpenMaple and the source code AKS

Hallo dear proffesionals of Maple

I use Debian 4.0 r3 version with gcc compiler v 4.xx

I have installed properly in my computer the Maple 11 version.

the problem is :

I have made the source code of AKS. everything goes alright in it untill the prelast step in which i have to use OpenMaple in my C program to compute some polynomial congruences. the problem is that, even though it computes right products of the form 2^3 and 10^3 and returns the right results in C program, when i want openMaple to check if some congrunces of the form (X+a)^n =( x^n +a)  (mod  x^r -1 ,  n)  hold or not  (so it returns  0 or 1 in the main program) it seems that Open maple takes the proposition as a string correctly and it seems that it computes the congruences but it doesnt!! i can tell this cause whereas it computes this congruences in msecs (all of them) in OpenMaple, in normal Maple when i put one of the same congruences it makes 10 minites or more just for ONE to compute!! in other words it doesnt "understand" the functions used by maple.

Please Help!!

if some one wants to see the code used can be found at

thank you!!!

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