Question: Is Maple TA "widely used"?

We are contemplating using Maple TA.  I have been playing with a trial and it looks quite good.

If you read the Maplesoft advertising,  you get the impresion that a lot of Universities out there are using TA. 

On the other hand, the (rather variable quality) mapleapps question banks resource does not really contain a huge amount of material.

My question is this:  how widely used is Maple TA in fact?   More particularly, how many places are using it extensively (rather than perhaps just running some Calculus placement tests that somebody else wrote)?   I would be interested particularly in comparable institutions to ours - I am at University of Edinburgh and I suppose we probably think of ourselves as being in or close to the "top 10" places wthin the UK system.

I would be interested to hear from other institutions running TA - in time, if we decide to go down this route, we might even share materials.

In any case, I'd be grateful for indications of what other institutions are using it for and on what sort of scale.

Toby Bailey


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