Question: ... Enter a function?

In Maple, suppose we would like to enter the function f(x)=3*x+7 and we want to evaluate the function at x=3.

The easiest way of entering a function at the click of a button is to use Maple's expression palette. Just open the Student Portal 
(open attached file) and see the section " ... enter a function".

There is a second way of entering a function without using the expression palette. A few simple steps will show you how to achieve this:

  1. Make sure you're in math mode. Type f, followed by a colon [:] and an equal sign [=]. The colon-equals notation assigns the content on the right-hand side to a variable name on the left-hand side. Illustration:  f:=
  2. Type x. This is the name of the independent variable. To type the arrow, first type a minus sign [-], then the right angular bracket [>]. Maple automatically converts these characters to an arrow. Illustration: f:=x->
  3. Type 3*x+7. Illustration:  f:=x->3*x+7
  4. To evaluate f at x=3, enter f(3) and it should return 16.

Try entering the function  g(x)=3*x^2+18

The attached worksheet, the Maple Student Portal, will show you the basics of using Maple.

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