Question: Remove a chosen element from subsequent lists

I defined a procedure with two arguments.

The first one called Options is a list of lists (but no listlist), the second called Paratemers is a list of intergers.
Anyway both lists have the same number of elements and the ith element of Options is connected to its ith counterpart in Parameters.

One part within that procedure looks for an element in Parameters, that has a value of -1.

If that is the case, its counterpart in Options which will then be just a string should be removed from all (subsequent) lists in Options.

E.g. Let´s say Options:=[Joe, [Mike, Abraham, Leon, Joe], [Terresa, Cody, Joe]], Parameters:=[-1,2,2];

Now I want proc to spot the -1 in Parameters and remove the corresponding string "Joe" from all (subsequent) lists in Options.

I tried:

elif Parameter[p]=-1 then
        for k in Options do
        k:=select(i->k[i]<> v, k);
        end do:
end if:

That didn´t work.

Any suggestions?

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