Question: Maple 13 working really really slow (Phenom 965, Win7 x64, 4GB)


Suddenly when starting Maple 13 on my PC (Windows 7 x64, 4GB Ram, Phenom 965 with 4x 3,4GHZ, HD5770) I noticed that it really takes ages to execute the entire worksheet (3 exclamation marks). I opened the Task Manager and became aware of the problem: Maple 13 obviously does NOT use any CPU ressources. The "maple.exe *32" uses ~1-4% of one CPU core and only 45.000KB of RAM. Its not really changing and there is no difference between idling and calculating.

Moreover Maple "lags" when clicking on "Tools" (or other entries) in the menu. It takes about 5 seconds to open it.

When I type:

>restart; with(LinearAlgebra);

Maple needs 10 seconds to load this package.


Last time I used Maple everything was alright. It was pretty fast and an entire worksheet has been calculated within 5-10 seconds (5 pages of codes). Maple "bombed" my screen with the blue results! But now I can wait 1-3 minutes until it has finished to calculate the same worksheet. Even opening a worksheet takes 15-30 seconds (without calculating anything)!


I already reinstalled Maple 13 - no difference!


I cannot really remember that I changed something since I used Maple the last time. Only thing was an update for my graphic card.

I hope you guys got some ideas. In my opinion this problem will be solved as soon as Maple uses my CPU with its powerful 3,4GHZ per core. Currently I got the feeling as if Maple runs on a PentiumI and its no more fun to work with it.


Thank you very much



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