Question: How Can I plot different solution from some differential equation ?

I have three diferential equation each one is single ( there are no coupled)

I want to solve each one and compare their solution I would like to  plot solutions in a same graph. How can I do  so ?

My problem is


k:= 0.1:


M:= 3:

MM:= k*M/(1-q)*q^(q/(q-1)):


EQ1:= diff(N1(t), t) = k*M/(1-q)*(N1(t)/M)^(1-q);


EQ2:= diff(N2(t), t) = k*M/(q-1)*(1 - (N2(t)/M)^q - (1 - N2(t)/M)^q );


EQ3:= diff(N3(t), t) = MM*(N3(t)/M)^q *(1- (N3(t)/M)^(1-q));


DEplot([EQ1,EQ2,EQ3], [N1(t), N2(t), N3(t)], t = 0 .. 40, [[N1(0) = .99, N2(0) = 0.1e-1, N3(0)=0.5]]);


It does not work,  Please any help

In advance Thanks.



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