Question: Saving dsolve numeric solution

Hi, im Gabriel from chile, and probably my english wouldnt be very good :P.

Im working on a problem that needs to be solved numerically, its a set of coupled non linear equations. Im succefull in finding the solution given a set of initial conditions, but the problem I have is when I try to save those solutions.

I want to save them in a .m file to fully recover it when I start the session again (it take some time in find the solution, and I have to iterate the initial conditions many times, this is the reason for trying to save the solution).

This is what im doing:

Sol:=dsolve(dsys,numeric,abserr=1e-10, relerr=1e-10, maxfun=0,range=r0..1);

Save Sol,"myfile.m";

but then when I read the file:

read "myfile.m";


Error, (in dsol1) `_dat` does not evaluate to a module

This is why I added `dsolve/numeric/data/modules` into the save command

but then another error arised when i read "myfile.m":

Error, (in Get) value sysvars is not assigned

I also tried, unsuccessfully, saving all the variables in the worksheet.

Does anyone knowns if it can be saved the Solution that dsolve gives me in the same way that it is computed in the original worksheet?


Beforehand Thanks!

Gabriel Torrealba.

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