Question: Advanced plotting task

I tried to carry out an advanced plotting task and I am not even sure, if Maple is able to do that.

In a Cartesian coordinate system with axis x=1..100 and y=0..1, I wanted to plot three graphs at once and have the parameters n, p and rho to be interactive.

Here are the graphs:

(1) y=1-exp(-rho*x);  #depending on x and rho

(2) y=-(1-p)^n+(p/(1-p)+1)^n*(1-p)^n+(1-p)^(n-1)*((exp(rho)*(-1+p)-p)*((exp(rho)*(-1+p)-p)/(exp(rho)*(-1+p)))^(n-1)-exp(rho)*(-1+p))/exp(rho); #depending on n, p and rho, but NOT on x and therefore be a constant horizontal line.

(3) a vertical line at s, where s is the point on the x axis, where (1) equals (2).

Is it possible to realize that task at all, or what do I need to change, to get as close as possible to the desired issue?

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