Question: What do these solutions mean?

Can someone please help me to understand if what follows are four separate solutions.  And if they are, could you also help me to understand what they actually mean.  I  don't understand the 'RootOf' in them.


w1 = RootOf(( v1^2+v2^2+v3^2)_Z^2-1,label=_L3) w*v1,

w2= RootOf((v1^2+v2^2+v3^2)_Z^2-1,label=_L3)w*v2,   

w3= RootOf((v1^2+v2^2+v3^2)_Z^2-1,label=_L3)w*v3,   

b= RootOf((v1^2+v2^2+v3^2)_Z^2-1,label=_L3)w   



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