Question: Copy and save problems in fancy worksheet mode of Maple 14

I've been using Maple for many years in the good-old "classic worksheet" mode. After purchasing Maple 14, I decided to use the "new" worksheet mode (I know it's not that new, but I always objected to use it) to get the most of the 64 bit program with my 64 bit Windows 7...


1. My first problem is that "I cannot copy any output!" either to paste to an input line or to a text file!


My Tools-Options-Display section is,

Input display: Maple notation

Output display: 2-D Math notation

Typesetting level: Extended


Font anti-aliasing: Default

(Need anything else?)


If I change the output display the problem resolves but I need it as the way it is. I really want to use this mode and I hope you have a solution to this problem. I checked the previous similar questions but they didn't help me.


2. Whenever I try to save my worksheet I see "A problem was encountered during the save. The output file may be incomplete" error. And yes, it doesn't save the output of the commands.


I think these two problems may somehow related to each other and I suspect that one solution may solve the both:

one solution to rule them all
one solution to cure them
one solution to bring them all
and in the worksheet bind them

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