Question: Multithreading or cloud computing



I've got a pretty intensive run going on in Maple and I wanted to speed it up. It involves computing every power up to some large number (100,000+) of small matrices (2x2) but with very complicated abstract polynomials inside. There's really no way to speed this up as far as coding is concerned so my only option is to use multithreading, since I need mutiple runs, or run this on some faster server/cloud.


1) Multithreading will only provide me with about a 2x performance increase, as I've only got a dual core processor.Even so I would like to try this. The documenation is a little scarce, could someone point me in the right direction? I want to thread a for loop, one thread per iteration.


2) Is there any way to get my code running on some faster computer?


Thanks for the help!

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