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Law of Hess and heats of dissolution in acid.б-в Х, КХ

In 298.15 º K are set following the dissolution enthalpy of these compounds in HCl:

B2O3.3CaO           -344.86 kJ/mol,

B2O3.2CaO           -210.40 kJ/mol,

B2O3.CaO             -84.76   kJ/mol,

2B2O3.CaO           -421.74  kJ/mol,

CaO                       -194.05 kJ/mol,

B2O3                      -137.49 kJ/mol.

Based on these results, determine the reaction enthalpy 

  2CaO + B2O3 → B2O3.2CaO.



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