Question: Newton's Method Questions

Hi, this is my first time here so hello! So im working on some questions my teacher gave to me in my class, and im having quite difficulty getting started on them, if anyone could help, that be great, thanks!

2. The first application of Newton’s method is to solve the equation

x3 4x2 1 = 0.

(a) Create the expression

x34x31 (assign it to a name) and then graph it. Notice

that the above equation has only one solution.

(b) Use Newton’s Method with

x0 = 5. (Experiment with different numbers of

iterations - how many are needed so that the results no longer change to the

precision displayed on the screen?) What solution did you find?

(c) Re-invoke the

NewtonsMethod command, but instead of output=sequence, use the option

output=plot to plot the first three iterations (i.e. use iterations=3).

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