Question: Extracting solutions from fsolve

Hey folks I have a question about how to use solutions from fsolve in future calculations without copying and pasting.


Here is the code...


Order := 13:
f := x -> -x + x^2 - x^3 + add(a[i]*x^i,i=4..11):
A := n -> coeff(series(f(f(x)), x), x^n):
fsolve({seq(A(k) = 0, k=5..12)}, {seq(a[j], j=4..11)});


Now this gives values of a[k] from a[4] to a[11] but then if I were to type a[5] in the next line for example, it would just appear as a[5], not as the value of a[5] found in fsolve.


Is there a way to change this so a[5] (and all other a[k] values) would be defined as the values found in fsolve?

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