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Dear Robert, Have used the code and obtained a splendid image. Thank you. Maple 11 (std worksheet) takes quite a time to evaluate it before initializing the plot. Is this usual? I assume an animated plot might require more memory. But at least I have a plot of a cone and a plane. Is it possible to animate a cone with the plane rotated? Audrey Kirfoot.
Dear Mariner, Calm seas at last. Thank you for your patience and giving time to my problem. All is now well, and your help has been most instructive. Sincerely Audrey.
Dear Mariner, Still in the doldrums it seems! Centering graphs as you suggest (before copying the previously plotted graph) moves text and the graph to the centre of page. Apologies for asking for further insights; as noted before, using this method in the Classic worksheet can be done. What am I missing? Sincerely, Audrey.
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