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As of yesterday's updates to the MaplePrimes software, the ordering of the Answers in a User's Profile has been changed from reverse chronological to forward chronological. This sucks. If you have to change it, then at least make the ordering an option. I will note that the ordering of a User's Posts is still reverse chronological. It makes no sense for Posts to be in one order and Answers in another.

Also, I still cannot login on Firefox. I turned off all my add-ons, and it still doesn't work. It doesn't reject my credentials; rather it acts (for one screen) like it is logging me in as someone with a null name and 0 reputation.

When I edit someone else's material, it changes the author to me!!

In Internet Explorer, I need to update every page every time I view it. If I don't, I won't see the new material. 

I have not noticed any improvement in the amount of time it takes for updates to appear in the right column. It can still take a half hour from when the post/answer/reply was made.

I can't post any Replies or Answers. It acts like they are being posted, but they just disappear. I've tried both in IE and Firefox.

I made this new thread because I cannot make replies in the original thread.

The new option added to MaplePrimes about two hours ago----to show Answers by date----only shows the Answers in reverse chronologocal order. That's ridiculous! Even more so with the comments still being in forward chronological order. The reason that people have requested date order so vehemently is to preserve the continuity of conversation. With the reverse chronological order, the continuity is worse than before.

I present this proof-in-Maple not just for its own sake, but because I think that it illustrates effective techniques for working with complicated algebraic numbers.


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