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Plots of roots of polynomials with integer coefficients


question 2:

In document mode,

When paragraph style is heading2 font,the defaut font when I indent the paragraph,but If I writing something in 2D-Math mode,the input things become slight and not so suitable for the bold looking fongs in text mode.

When I meet some symbol,formula that I should input, I switch the input mode to 2D-Math,is this the right tactic?Or I should write all things in one box,ie input text context in 2D-Math mode as also?

for example: input > and ≥, I input > in text mode,and ≥ in 2D-Math mode,is it right?



what's the abbreviation of "compfn" "∘" ?

The full spelling is ? compound +……?

 otherwise:If I should input A ∘B,then I should press space after A to use command completion?maybe this canbe developed better,for some where I'll add  a space between ∘and B,so this is the good looking " A ∘ B",the same to other operators

question 4:

When I input "conjugate(∘)" in 2D-Math mode,and then convert it to 2D-Math mode,but it turns out "conjugate(() .. ())"   (this is converted by mapleprimes) the looking in maple is a lineation cross out "()..()"

What's this mean...

 question 5:

Is it possible to make all conjugated letter like that all their overbar is at the same level.for example,conjugate(b) is higher than conjugate(a)

A := Matrix(5, 5, {(1, 1) = x+1, (1, 2) = x, (1, 3) = x, (1, 4) = `...`, (1, 5) = x, (2, 1) = x, (2, 2) = x+2, (2, 3) = x, (2, 4) = `...`, (2, 5) = x, (3, 1) = x, (3, 2) = x, (3, 3) = x+3, (3, 4) = `...`, (3, 5) = x, (4, 1) = `⋮`, (4, 2) = `⋮`, (4, 3) = `...`, (4, 4) = `...`, (4, 5) = `⋮`, (5, 1) = x, (5, 2) = x, (5, 3) = x, (5, 4) = `...`, (5, 5) = x+n})


I know how to input three points,that is vellip,but it's so tiny.

And elipsis is "ctdot"

I find that in a palette.

abs(z) = 1 is mis-input,true is abs(z)<1,

the firs equal sign was I enter after the integration,the second equal sign was I copied from other place.

question:can the series expansion converted to the form sum(...) ,ie Σ(...)

I can't edit my first comment???


question2:can I make all z in the place of numerator,

for example:this is generated by series(arcsin(z),z=0)


some times my question seems odd,stupid,

never mind,I just want to learn and command more and more skills,methods,and ways to achieve some ideas,and I'm a curious,bookish,...

thanks to all people that answers my questions with patience.

question 3:Ctrl+w,does maple has this hotkey? do you use this frequently?F4 is too far from ctrl,and it's hard to press on "ctrl" with my little finger and "F4" with my forefinger together.

we can use ctrl+w to close a tab,this is used in Internet Explorer,some Pdf reader,editer,(nitro pdf for example)


have,,,not has,at first I don't wanna say "does" ,

actually I still don't know how to edit my post,for I can edit my comment easily,this is question2.

question3:intersect seems doesn't convert to ⋂ after using the command completion key,in my system is "ESC"

but ⋃nion is good.



really stupid I am,I'd checked that for a long time...

both input and output,sometimes I copy the output to the 2D-Math input area.

"e" does not have any particular meaning in Maple.

but exp(1) comes out e,maybe this is misleading.

next time I'll use exp with command completion to enter e,

and also I can't move the cursor back between the parentheses use the arrow keys.



convert this:-1/((z+1+I)*(-z-1+I))

to 1/(z^2+2*z+2)


Is there any wordsheets  demonstrate the DEs? existence and uniqueness theorem,and Lipschitz condition?

question2:how to make this obvious to see?



If use the Euler formula,that is obivious,


question3:How to apart this:1/(z^2*(z^2+9))=1/(9 z^2) - 1/(9 (9 + z^2))




After choose the character format is superscript,how to clear the format quickly?

Depress the right arrow or space bar will remain the format

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