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amazing !

i wish to see more researchs by members that highlight special features of maple , and make them more expandable ?

also i think having a BADGE for such efforts is Encouraging

I wish the year 2016 become the Landmark of intercommunicating development of maple .

also i interested to know is this the first time that maple will be estimated in BETA TEST STAGE ?

although your topic is beyond of my ability , but i hope by following works of mathematicans like you , propitiously , i can reach to some degree

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

i guess if other plotters join in Valentine contest , in the end we have a full set of human limbs 3d models <3


another art

may you show us a screenshot ?

I just wondered why ? did this happen too late !


opportune updates , good use of these feature cause a good environment for ourselves .


1) i think there is too few tags in "Popular Tags" frame , personaly i expect in every click on new pages this frame contains Random Tags !

2) also in Tags section page i expect the list of all available tags in sorted alphabetical order but i think it is an uncomplet list !

thanks a lot for your attention dear moderator of mapleprimes ...

with all good wishes , shekofte




thanks for clarification of the subject ! really good informations !

right! I want only the bytes used to store a thing internally .

yes as you described the trick , by knowledge on the structure of things and subdividing of them to their elements , if each element always have constant size is so easy !

anyway it needs enough skill in maple ...


@Markiyan Hirnyk  @Alejandro Jakubi

thanks a lot for your demonstrations ...

bytesused seems fine !

@nm i am interested in your activity and all of your nice posts ...

i am not an expert but i found duplication is helpfull in some cases for new users or who only works in a limited criterion for their own purpose .

-for example suppose i am only familar with the commands of Student:-LinearAlgebra: package , then if the Diagonal(A) command removed from here , it make me needful to refere to MTM:-diag(A) or LinearAlgebra:-Diagonal(A) and subsequently i must spend a lots of time for underestanding the functions in such packages too... that cause confusion and exponential increase in time needed for focusing .

the discussable drawback that remain here is only in different benchmark results of those diferent commands with the same puropse ! and underlaid structure ...


-also i have the same idea about notations because some of them are easier according to person , place , time ... so they must not removed !


-about help document of maple :

in comparsion with previous version of it , great and valuable updates made by maple developers although it is not flawless, and the exploration method for subjects and tracking of pages linkes into the current page are very useful .

totally i prefer the style of maple help and i wish their developers make it better with more facilities and troublshoting !

can you believe when i tried to remember the simple formula for surface/volume of a sphere or cone ... and i searched the standalone document of Mathematica i got noting ! that made me crazy ...also i can't find a definitive way for exploration in document of Mathematica and you will reach constantly to some pages circulary !

the calculations are very beautiful

thanks for your worthful maple worksheet

@Carl Love 

I admire your IQ 

you are really intelligent

thanks you very much (Carl Devore)

great treasure !

what about to have reputations for maple users contribute to rosettacode.org ?

i guess it may Encourage them !

the outstanding features of this release are incredible !

What happens when such Facilities falls into the hands of scientists ?

you mathematicaly proved that LOVE exist


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