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I want to write a code but it is too lengthy. I want to do each part of the code in a separate ".mw" file. For example consider the two files "Part1.mw" and "Part2.mw". The "Part2.mw" have specific entries that must be given by "Part1.mw". How should I do this? or in other words How should I link these two files?

I don't want all variables in "Part1.mw" to be passed to "Part2.mw" but just specific variables that are needed.

I have an indexed equation that contains serval definite integrals in it. I want maple to evaluate the equation for different indices. But when I set the parameter "N=100" in the code, it takes maple lots of time for the evaluation. I am looking for some tricks to make the code numerically more efficient. I will be so thankful for any opinion and help.
you can find my code below. The code is so simple and just contains few lines. I will appreciate any help.


Thanks in advance.

I have written a code that computes the fourier-bessel series of a function over the period [a,b].
When I wanted to get some numerical results, I noticed that it takes lots of time for maple to numerically compute the coefficients of the series. Each coefficient of the series is expressed in terms of some integrals that I was expecting maple to compute them in few seconds, however, when  I want to compute "N=100" terms of the series, it takes lots of time.

I was wondering if there is any way to boost up the numerical computation time. I will appreciate any help.

Below you can find my code.


Many many thanks for your attentions! :)

I have some lengthy formulas in the maple. I don't want to waste time on rewritting them in a word document.
Is there a way to import those equations in a clean and tidy form to a word document or the mathtype program or something else! :)

1-Suppose that after applying the command "factor(f)" the "f "takes the form:

f=(BesselJ(0,r))*(A very lengthy term)

Is there a way to force maple to show f like below:

f=(A very lengthy term)*(BesselJ(0,r))

2-Suppose f is written as follows:


Can you suggest a way (without using "op" command) to write f as:


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