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I used briefly Maple in the late 90s during my undergraduate studies. Back then it was Maple V r4 if I remember correctly, and a few years later Maple 6. I use again Maple since around 2018.

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While computing a simple sequence of numbers, I remarked a small difference between the result obtained with $ and with seq.

u:=proc(n) evalf(((n+1)/n)^(n+1)) end proc:


The result is:


[0., 0., -4.*10^(-19), 0., 0., 6.*10^(-19), -9.*10^(-19), 0., -3.*10^(-19), 0.]

I have no idea why there are nonzero values in the output. Does anyone have an explanation?


It seems I get the correct values if I quote the expression before $:


However, it's not clear to me why this makes a difference in evalf.

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