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Thanks @Carl Love.

Yes, I found out how to create a 3D array, but I am wondering now if that is really the best way. It might be good for TSS, but I might have to change what I do depending on the meaning of each parameter. And I think that the notation is probably adding to my confusion. I am an engineer not a mathematician. The dots in place of the indices are shorthand for a prior summation in that dimension. For instance, I should only need to do a summation in the i dimension ultimately for SS_P. And the final term in each equation is the average of all my measurements. 

By the way, A stands for Appraiser, and P stands for Part. I have n meaurements of each part from each appraiser. I suspect that the struggles I am experiencing explain why people just buy Minitab or some other statistical software instead of coding the math themselves. However, I would like to figure out the math.


Thanks @Carl Love for your explanation. Things like defining out were already nagging at me, but most of the things you mentioned were completely new to me.


Thanks @Joe Riel for your suggestion. It is efficient and much more elegant than what I was trying. And you gave me at least three new commands that I will be using in the future.


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