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Thank you Cristopher, I, so much, appreciate your help.  I tried re-installing Windows 2007 Pro, but it did not help.  Took my computer to a local computer store that I have dealt with for many years.  We hooked my notebook up to one of their monitors.  The techs all agreed it is a problem with the Maple 2015 software.

The data is from test wells in southwest Kansas which draw water from the Ogallala Aquifer. My linear data fit showed conclusively that the aquifer is receding, that is depth to water is increasing, even though the amount of water drawn from the wells is decreasing.  The rate of decline is what I question, exponential curves are common in nature and a linear representation may not be accurate.  Thank you for the information it is very helpful.


Here is an example of data.  

No problem  using 

LeastSquares(THA1a, x, curve = a*x+b)

But I dont know how to use an exponential form such as 


Thank you so much for your excellent help!


Thank you so much Kitonum, works perfect.


Thank you everyone for your kind help.

 I agree with Carl and Mac.  The correct place for the initialization file is  C:\Users\userid\maple.ini  Perhaps it would be helpful to change item 3 in the Create Maple Initialization File help page from

 3) The user’s personal profile directory (multiuser only)…


3) The user’s personal profile directory (single or multiuser)…

 The AddConstant command used with the ScientificConstants package will add a constant to a worksheet.  Then, the syntax can be copied and pasted into the maple.ini file, being careful to add a semicolon to the end of each AddConstant command (per Boris, Maplesoft Technical Support).  For example:

 AddConstant(Electrostatic_Constant, symbol = 'k1_', value = 8.987551788*10^9, units = Unit('N'*'m'^2/'C'^2));

Unfortunately, for me at least, when a new worksheet is opened and the command GetConstant is used the following is the result:




It seems more convenient to define the constant as shown in AA11.mw (AA11.mw) and then copy/paste it into another worksheet, along with other declarations, as shown in AA16.mw (AA16.mw).

 I tried designing special units too, e.g., Micro Coulomb ( µC), but it seems easier to use the Units(SI) palette and change values to reflect the units on the palette.  For example, 12.3 cm is entered as 0.123 m and 3.12 µC is entered as 3.12e-6 C .






@Axel Vogt 

Thanks, it worked, unfortunately I seem to be able to add only the one constant (k_).  When I try to add another line to maple.ini nothing happens (in the worksheet).  Nothing happens when I change the original constant either.  Never-the-less your suggestion made a big difference.  Mine is located at 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Maple 2015\lib\ maple.ini



"C:\Program Files\Maple 2015"

@Joe Riel 

Read the Create Maple Initialization File document.  Tried the following paths with same result.

 C:\Program Files\Maple 2015\Users\maple.ini      NO

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Maple 2015\Users\maple.ini    NO

 Error, k_ is not a command in the ScientificConstants package

 There is no bin.win in my C:\Program Files\Maple 2015 directory, but tried 

C:\Program Files\Maple 2015\bin.X86_64_WINDOWS\maple.ini  NO

Tried also 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Maple 2015\bin.win\maple.ini  NO 

C:\Users\Leslie\ maple.ini  NO 

All with same result 

Error, k_ is not a command in the ScientificConstants package 


Could not attach maple.ini but here is a JPEG



ProgramFiles\Maple 2015\bin.x86_64_WINDOWS\maplesys.ini

Added last line to contents of maplesys.ini

UserDirectory=C:\Program Files\Maple 2015\Users
ScientificConstants:-AddConstant(CoulombForceConstant, symbol='k_', derive=1/4/Pi/epsilon[0]):

Opened new worksheet, added two statements, and get following error

> with(ScientificConstants);
> ScientificConstants:-k_;
Error, k_ is not a command in the ScientificConstants package

Is the place where I added 

ScientificConstants:-AddConstant(CoulombForceConstant, symbol='k_', derive=1/4/Pi/epsilon[0]):

correct?  Any suggestions welcomed.

Thanks again,




Thanks so much Carl!

@Carl Love Carl, I see that I skipped the Product check box when I asked the question.  I will do my level best to remember to do this in the future.

Additionally, thank you so much for the information you sent about single quotes!

@Carl Love 

See my reply to Acer, it was the single quotes that threw me.  Thanks so much!


@Markiyan Hirnyk 


Not sure what you mean.  Do you mean start Title with "How do I"?


The single quotes threw me, is there some rule about using single quotes with commands and plot options?  Thanks so much for your help.


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