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Hi dear,

Thank you so much for your answer. My problem is about removing redundant inequalities which I asked it already:

I hope it can be solved without  PolyhedralSets  package.

Sincerely yours.


Thank you so much for your answer. But, I don't understand the difference between Maple 15 and Maple 2015. 


Thank you so much. I need to this package. what is the newest version of Maple contain this package? Is there any newer version from Maple 18?


Hi dear,

Thanks for your comment. In fact, by using Relations command I can remove the redundant inequalities. Is this true?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi dear,

Thank you so much for your reply. What is version of your Maple? I use Maple 15 and I think there is not "PolyhedralSets"  package in Maple 15. 

With the bests

@acer Thank you so much this is nice. I edited $z^w$ in to $z^2w$. I will apply your implementation and if there are notes then I contact you.


With the best regards.

@Kitonum  Thank you so much for your comprehensive and usefull answer. That is fine and exellent.

Now, If I want to draw a FAN (a collection of polyhedral cones) what I have to do? For example contains 10 cons such this.

Sincerely yours 

@Kitonum Thank you so much. What are these three vectors?

Also, is it possible that any facet of it has different color and any face (interesection of facets) of it too?


@vv Thank you so much. This is usable in my Maple.

Sincerely yours.

@Carl Love 

Tanks again. Is there Maple online to can compute this (such Singular online)?

@Carl Love OK, I have Maple 18 too and I see the error again. Is there the package PolyhedralSets in Maple 18?

@Carl Love 

Thank you so much. But, when I run your procedure in Maple 15, the following error is appeared:

"Error, `PolyhedralSets` does not evaluate to a module"

@YasH  Please see the following address:

" "

@roman_pearce Thank you so much. Could you please introduce me a good reference contains these ideals?

@Carl Love Thank you so much but I need known hard examples.

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