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@Carl Love You are correct, my apologies for not being careful enough here. In fact, Maple appears to ignore parts of the whole expression silently due to these errors.

Fixing this up by assuming these are implied multiplications, solve no longer works and runs against a div by zero error in Engine:-ExpandRofs. fsolve comes up with two numeric solutions.

At this point the OP needs to look at this again and clarifies what this expression really is supposed to look like, since I am now way too far in speculation-land.



@Joel19 Look at the file I uploaded in my answer. You still seem to have square brackets, and also you need to get rid of the "=0" at the end of your function. The way you wrote it it would return a boolean (true or false) as it evaluates the = operator.


This is a standard way of making pdfs on a Mac. In the print dialog I often select a larger sheet size (11" by 14") and scale down by about 0.7. This reduces the sometimes awkward wrap-around of Maple output.

What I don't like is that graphics is printed always very large, not respecting the way I set it in  the Maple output.


@stefanv I'd love to be able to get Maple for my Raspberry Pi. Wolfram gices out Mma for fee on the RPi.

Mac Dude

add only works with defined ranges, so nn needs to be assigned a number before the function is run. Or use sum.

The seq construct in the Minimize call looks like you want to make a table, but the equal sign (=) in Maple creates an equation, not an assignment. You need to use assign() here (and put xx[ii] in single quotes to prevent evaluation). But then xx[ii] becomes ranges 1..10, is that the intent?

Please let us know what you actually want to do. It is not clear from your question.


@Adam Ledger I don't know whether your issue got resolved, but you could possibly put your startup code into the .mapleint file (Maple.ini on Windows) if your startup using a .bat file causes font issues.


Obviously I don't know in your case; but I have had it happen before that the fonts get messed up, to the point that Latin would print correctly, but Greek letters would not, as would not some math symbols (but not all). For me the typical way to get out of that would be to completely quit Maple and then fire it up again, maybe by double-clicking the worksheet in question. I have had this happen more often, but not exclusively, when I use worksheets created in a different version.


@Carl Love @acer Thanks very much to both of you... this will go a long way towards solving my issue.


edit: spelling

@mmcdara The construction

0.78*Unit('kg')*`CO__2`*`per kg`

will lead to a missing-operator error when evaluating 'per kg' (which sooner or later it will), or if 2-d input is used an implicit * will be added, also iffy is either per or kg get assigned a value. In fact, I have had similar typesetting issues (trying to typeset something like "deltan" where delta was to be the greek letter". Never got a good solution.

It may be possible to define a unit "`CO__2`*`per kg`" and use that for typesetting purposes. I have not tried that.


Since you seem to have access to an old version of Maple, can you save the sheet as a .mpl file? In recent versions of Maple this would presumably be exporting as Maple input.


@Anthrazit At this point the scale of the whole thing becomes important. If you are looking at a sizeable and extensible system an approach using XML may well be the right choice even if in my limited experience XML-based systems can be quite slow (and I hasten to add that I have zero experience with XML and Maple). If your needs are limited and you know already what needs to be stored and transferred then I think a simpler approach may well be sufficient. I have not seen enough of your needs, and probably do not have the experience to be of much more help here.


@DoingMath2018 If you want docs written for people familiar with programming, consider the Maple Programming Guide available on the MapleSoft site. I have found it to be an excellent source.

If you don't mind using emacs, consider Joe Riel's maplev package for emacs. It is a nice editor for Maple code with (some) syntax coloring, indentation and other niceties. This is what I use for my large packages.

Beyond that, CAS are very complex tools. Invest the time to learn one. It'll pay off.

I hope this helps,


@Anthrazit I did not read this latest reply of yours before posting my suggestion. But fundamentally, the mechanism I outlined there could work since the material properties you transfer are probably not that many (i.e. not large arrays).

In reading through this, I am wondering whether a modular approach could also work. The sheets that deal with material properties are probably static in the sense that, once a material is defined, its properties don't change (and if things like temperature sensitivites are relevant you can save these as expressions). So you could have a module that has a number of procs that return material-specific modules or records for use in your sheet doing the structural analysis. Handing info back to the materials section would require some thought.

A code snippet showing how you could implement this:

export Concrete;

    return (module()
                # here is the code making up your module named Concrete
                # can be constants, functions, submodules, you name it.
                # A Set proc. can be used to set certain properties
               end module)
  end proc; # Concrete

end module;

You load the module and access its members with


(whatever would be a member of Concrete.)

I hope this helps,


I wrote the answer at the time and I believe it is still valid.
I suggest to try. Read the whole thread as there are intricacies that you need to watch out for.

I am not aware that Maplesoft changed the Help file format since the major change made for 2015.

Mac Dude


@Pascal4QM , @ecterrab , @Kitonum Thanks much everybody for the quick answers.

I did in the meantime do some work along the lines that Kitonum suggested; in my case the problem is that it ends up with somewhat messy expressions that do not elucidate the underlying structure and symmetries I atrongly expect to be there.

I shall need to dig into the Physics package. I did some work with it a long time ago but eventually for my work (which isn't quantum physics by a long shot) I really did not need it. But now I am motivated to try again.

Stay safe & healthy,


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