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@Carl Love  Thank you professor for your reply. If a partial differential equation having 3 dependent variables u,v,w and 3 independent variables x,y,t.


The above is Langrange form for solving first order partial differential equation. I think this form is sufficient for you. Please help me to find it.

Thank you

@nm  Yes, I need only a final answer (not step by step).


Thank you so much professor for helping me. I am respecting you and your helping nature.

Thank you

@Rouben Rostamian  Thank you. Suppose the first order partial differential equation is


@ecterrab Thank you

@Thomas Richard Thank you for sharing it. But I think this code is not suitable for Lie subalgebra. Please share if you have anything else.

Respected professor , i need Invariant solution by Lie symmetry method by MAPLE

Respected professor , I need to find similarity variable (by characterstics or other ) after finding infinitesimals.

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