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Kitonum is right; the colorscheme option was added in Maple 2016. Please see for the details.

Have you seen the book list at

Currently 65 entries for that category, including non-English books.

There are various way to extract points from a plot and to store them in a spreadsheet. Attached is one that I find simplest: let BodePlot just output data Matrices (where column 1 contains the frequency), combine them into one, and write that to a file, using defaults:
(I have chosen a filename that is more specific than, making it easier to find.)

You could also write to other cell ranges, to separate sheets in the same file, or to separate files. Please review the ?ExcelTools,Export help page carefully, notably the examples.

For other plot commands, plottools:-getdata is convenient to extract point coordinates.

Recently (weeks ago) I had the same problem on one of my machines, and it turned out to be a side effect of a certain Physics update that had meanwhile been fixed. So if you are using the Physics package, make sure to keep it updated.

If the problem persists, please tell us the output of Physics:-Version();

You got it almost right; the command is SetProperty rather than setProperty.

Furthermore, I would check "Continuous update on drag" (or "Update continuously while dragging"  in older versions) in the Component Properties dialog for the slider.

If so, then I guess the answer is obvious. ;-)

But if you have specific feature suggestions, feel free to send them to and/or discuss them here.

You didn't provide any executable example (code snippet or worksheet), but this is how it is done in principle. Suppose sol is your procedure returned by dsolve/numeric. Then, after the halt has been triggered:


For the details, please see section "Interactive features" under ?dsolve,numeric,Events.

About question 2: insert


before calling sol.

But I would not suppress warnings globally. In general, they are useful. I've set warnlevel to 4 in my initialization file. Default value is 3.

Your original get_plot procedure issues no warning because it is technically correct.

If you want to see additional diagnostics, then do


Note that maplemint has been updated in Maple 2018; please see Help > What's New > Language & Programming.

newsys := eval([e||($1..10)],mu=5);

Have you tried the TripleScalarProduct command of the Student:-MultivariateCalculus package?

To see the policy, just follow the About link at the top right of MaplePrimes, and see bullet item 1:

... as well as general interest topics in math and computing.

Which doesn't mean that we're all eagerly waiting for homework questions, though. ;-)

To display symbols properly, you will need to wrap the legend strings into typeset calls, like this:

legend=[typeset("Flat Prior ", 'Beta(1,1)'), ...]

Note the single quotes around Beta(1,1) which would be evaluated as 1 otherwise, because Maple knows the Beta function.

For more info, please enter ?plot,typesetting to open the help page.

Your expression is an algebraic function (see ?type,radalgfun for the definition), and the recommended command for evaluating these is evala. [There is actually a whole machinery (mathematical theory and Maple packages) behind it, but let's keep things simple at this point.]

In many such cases, radnormal will also do the job, but why would I type 9 letters if 5 suffice? ;-)

There's a number of possible reasons for blocking the launch of the GUI. Please see our FAQ page on that.

Have you tried increasing the interface variable screenwidth? It defaults to 79 in command line Maple.

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