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@acer I like that - I *knew* I had missed something elegant earlier today. Thanks for your hint!

@Annonymouse I'm not sure what weird error you are getting, but version 2019.1 is not the latest. So you might update; either via "Tools > Check for Updates" (which can be slow!), or navigate your browser to

Either post your complete Maple input, or upload your worksheet (mw file) so that we can reproduce the problem.

Also, your Maple version may be relevant.

BTW: I have the deleted your (even more incomplete) question with almost the same title.

This has been fixed in Maple 2019: the 1st simplify call now returns 0 (even without the assumption).

I can't comment on the error message, but the is call returns true in the development version of Maple, so it should be fixed in the next release.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention. The bug is already in our database.

@Christopher2222 The old file is no longer available. Same principle as with previous dot releases. If you downloaded it before, we suggest that you delete it locally.

I cannot reproduce that either; tried on Windows 7 here.

The white redrawing artefacts that I see in your video (thanks for embedding it), seem to indicate some Java problem. You might consult our FAQs, particularly

Please upload a worksheet so that we can reproduce the problem and possibly find a solution. Nobody will type in anything from a screenshot.

@Mac Dude AFAIK, it was tested on all supported versions. Personally, I tested it on an iPad Air with iOS 12.4, which works well. Please send a detailed report (i.e. with hardware and software specs) to Thanks!

Update: you can also send feedback via

Could you clarify what kind of simplification you have in mind, and how it is related to the GCD? (And the GCD of which polynomials - you mentioned only one...)

Ideally, upload a worksheet, or - if the example is small - post it as plain text so that we can copy&paste it.

For grouping coefficients, take a look the collect command.

Side remark: The NumberTheory package introduced in Maple 2016 comes with a CalkinWilfSequence routine.

@acer The language settings of Windows were relevant here: the bug appeared for (all?) non-English versions.

Anyway, it is fixed by now, and there was an easy workaround, as others have pointed out.

Side remark: Maple 2016 introduced a PCA command in its Statistics package. Perhaps that is useful for you as well. I haven't looked at your worksheet, though.

@Zeineb Sure, that will yield _C1=12. Plotting over any y range is trivial then.

@tomleslie Thorough and helpful answer, as always. :-)

Just let me add that Maple offers CodeGeneration:-Matlab for exporting Maple code, and (to some extent) even the opposite direction: importing MATLAB code into Maple via Matlab:-FromMatlab and related routines. Perhaps the OP should give the latter try.

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