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Certain anti-virus programs have been known to cause issues with Maple as they attempt to scan every file that is associated with Maple upon launching the program. This can cause Maple to take a very long time to start, or not even launch at all. To test this, you can temporarily disable your security software by:

  1. Click on Start Menu > Control Panel
  2. Open the ‘Windows Firewall’.
  3. Click on ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off’.
  4. Turn off your Firewall and restart Maple.


If this does not help, please try to turn off any anti-virus or other security software that is running and try to restart Maple. If this works, you will have to add Maple to your anti-virus software's exception list.

Also, be sure to turn your firewall and anti-virus software back on once you have completed these tests.


If you continue to have problems after this, I would suggest you contact Maplesoft Technical Support at support@maplesoft.com

This error is usually caused by a Windows permissions setting. To fix this, please do the following:

  1. Click on your Start Menu and go to the “Programs” > “Maple 18” folder.
  2. Right click the “Maple 18” icon and choose “Properties”.
  3. Under the “Compatibility” tab, check the box “Run this program as an administrator” and click 'Ok'.
  4. Open Maple again and this should fix your issue.

As indicated by David, the cause is indeed the missing MKL support for AVX instructions for 64-bit Mac and Linux users. This missing library has been added in the Maple 18.01a patch available here:


This patch should resolve any AVX floating-point precisions issues that you may be experiencing, but please be sure to apply the Maple 18.01 patch first if you have not already done so prior to applying the 18.01a patch.

You may want to try using the simplify command to reduce the amount of terms involved:


`assuming`([simplify(f)], [`and`(alpha > 2, alpha <= 4)]);



Is there a particular reason why you are not using the regular Windows install of Maple that wouldn't suffer from possible performance/compatibility issues?

Apple has released a new version of the “Java for OS X 2013-004” update that fixes the display problems that all Java-based programs were experiencing in OS X. You can download this update through the Apple App Store under the “Update” heading, or via the Apple website at:


Once you have installed the update, please try to launch the Maple installer and you should be able to proceed through the install as normal.

You may want to check your Path environmental variable to see if it still contains the correct path to the DOS extender's executable dos32.exe, or if it needs to be at a certain position in the Path variable's order. Maple adds a few paths for the compilers and links to MATLAB during installation that may have moved the DOS extender's path.

As Carl stated, there could be several causes for this error to occur. I would suggest that you contact Maplesoft Technical Support at support@maplesoft.com with your computer details and the steps behind how you are recieving this error.

You may want to try this FAQ solution to change the font Maple uses from Courier New to Courier:


Hi David,

Unfortunately you will not be able to use Maple 11 on your new computer with Windows 7 and above.  Regrettably, there is nothing that we can do to work around this issue, so you will need to use Maple 11 on an older computer or upgrade to our current Maple version.

The HTTP:-Get command does not have HTTPS support as that requires exchanging certificate information between the two systems. I believe that all Dropbox shared URLs use HTTPS due to internal file encryption, so you may have to find another way to host the content unfortunately.

You can check the version.txt file in your /$MAPLE/license/ folder to see what version you have installed.

An updated 64-bit version.txt should have the following:

Maple 16.02
Tue Mar 26 10:50:29 EDT 2013

An updated 32-bit version.txt should have the following:

Maple 16.02
Tue Mar 26 10:48:53 EDT 2013

The About Us reveals that they are getting it from what appears to be a pay service:

"The USPLN, NAPLN, and GLN provide full cloud-ground lightning stroke detections and partial cloud flash data. Data can be delivered in real-time (< 1 minute latency), near real-time (1+ minute latency), or archives (> 24 hours) via the Internet in a number of different formats and methods to accommodate the needs of all customers and users."

If you could somehow get the data downloaded, I assume you could try accumulating it into a database file with a simple batch script and then read it into Maple.

I recommend contacting Technical Support with this problem as this sounds like a licensing problem that cannot be solved otherwise.


You may want to look into the Maple Programming Guide, available on the Maplesoft website here:

Chapter 1.4 in specific deals with creating and using procedures, and there are other examples throughout the book.

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