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For anybody, the best thing before reading a textbook on General Relativity is learning differential geometry.


I have posted a procedure for that here:

eval(%, phi=-Pi);
map(ar2, %);

                               Pi = -Pi

                               Pi = Pi


In Maple 13.02 Standard GUI I do observe these problems with spacecurves, though in milder form (may  be because of the OS: Win XP 32, or the graphic card/driver: Nvidia). This is a known regression problem (wrt Maple 12 Standard).

I prefer Classic, which makes these plots here much better.



Without the rest of your code lines, your calculation cannot be reproduced and it is unlikely that you could get some help. You could upload your worksheet with the green arrow in the editor menu.

There is not very much freedom to control the display of the output in a "prefered way" and not to mess further computations.

A practical alternative is to use a variable E, say, for e3/(e1*e2):

solve((-q*N3*X3)/e3 = (q*N1*X1)/e1 + (q*N2*X2)/e2, X3):
                        (N1 X1 e2 + N2 X2 e1) E
                      - -----------------------

Presumably, you should replace latitude "b" and longitude "l" by their expressions here in terms of x and y.

In Standard GUI:

Explore( plot(sin(c*x), x=0..10), c=1..5 );

You may use:


What is expression in that collect statement?

A GUI based on a modular architecture, where features are implemented by plugins, written in an open programable language, and added after user needs, would be much better than the current monolithic-like structure.

My first impression is that much of the stuff described in this paper was introduced in the then future Maple 11 a year later, but these most useful options for "velocity" were left aside. If so, it is a real pity.


You can view the content of a Matrix by using a clipboard viewer program. For instance, by select and copy the output of


I get in the clipboard viewer:

RTABLE(150112496,MATRIX([[1, 0, 0], [0, 1, 0], [0, 0, 1]]),Matrix)

Anyway, this problem with rtable structures like Matrix is rather old.

What is a message you send through Maple?

In Standard GUI, you may try:

Explore(DEtools[DEplot]({diff(q1(t), t) = dose*Dirac(t)-k12*q1(t)},

See e.g. also here.


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