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I am using a mac. Not sure if anyone here is familiar with java directly. But Im getting an error when I try to run the compiled. I use the file provided well anyway here is what I do to compile: ./../../../system/library/frameworks/javavm.framework/commands/javac -classpath "../../../../library/frameworks/maple.framework/versions/11/java/externalcall.jar:../../../../library/frameworks/maple.framework/versions/11/java/jopenmaple.jar" works fine, I now have java.class so I run java.class and get an error that in my diluted java knowledge makes sense, but then again I cannot figure it out: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/maplesoft/externalcall/MapleException I thought that was the whole reason to point to classpath. So when I tried to point the classpath to the root directory of my maple installation, it did not compile. I got it to compile by pointing it directly to the maple jar files, as you can see above. Any ideas? Thanks again guys!
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