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Hello Tom,

It works! thank you!, However I would like to understand this maple syntax.

I'm not a matematician, I'm using this just to get the right result (like with the calculator, I dont need to understand why, to get the right result), however if you can explain what is going on with the cf:= and with the phasor:= I would feel more comfortable with using it blindly, and I might even learn something, oh no!


Thanks :)



Thank you! That was resolved in a completly different matter than what I was juggeling with - and it works!

How am I to interpret the result given by getx(%) ?

@Carl Love 

Hello Carl,

I meant to ask, "if I look at y=1.5, and see where the graph crosses this "imaginary" line, what is the corresponding x value to that point"


I want to use option 2, with the interpolation into a smooth curve that passes through each data points. However i'm getting errors when using "spline" and "CubicSpline" Im using 2D math, so not the the red text.


@Carl Love 


Thanks Carl, Your preference example works perfectly! I'll read up on the difference between subs and eval



Hey, Thanks! This works as I wanted it to. 


A little update for future refference:

You dont need to type out the whole unit like this:


in stead you can do this:


I got the V and A from the SI Units palette on the left hand side,


To answer my own question about the engineering notation, this can be "forced" by clicking on "format" -> "numeric formating" -> engineering and then choosing the number of decimals. apply and set as default. After you are going to have to copy and recalculate your math as the !!! wont do it.





If I look under Tools -> options -> Display I have:

input and output display to 2-D math

If I look under Interface I have:

default format for new worksheets to "document"

So yes, I believe we are on the same page.



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