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I am a research associate at Simon Fraser University and a member of the Computer Algebra Group at the CECM.

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Douglas Harder's Maplesque page contains a number of Maple downloads, including DougsDocumentTools and a binary arithmetic package. He is also the developer of the Quaternions and FuzzySets packages, which are available through MapleConnect.
I would like to see Maple's modp1 and modp2 support 25-bit moduli using the float[8] datatype, similar to the LinearAlgebra:-Modular package.
Personal website of Roman Pearce, research assistant at the CECM and developer of the PolynomialIdeals Maple package. Posts development code, mostly related to Groebner bases and polynomial systems.
Maple needs better user-level facilities for doing linear algebra over finite fields, particularly the integers mod n. For example there is no good way to solve a linear system Ax=B when B is a matrix. Obviously the LinearAlgebra:-Modular package is very good at what it does. Why can't there be some nice non-programmer routines which call it ? One alternative to using the mod operator is to have all the commands in the main LinearAlgebra package accept an optional last argument for the characteristic. For example: LinearAlgebra:-GaussianElimination(A, n); Then in the GaussianElimination command you could do something like:
I've released a Maple implementation of the F4 algorithm for computing Groebner bases. You can download it from the Maple Application Center here, or from my personal webpage here. The code requires Maple 10. It's faster than the Groebner[Basis] command for total degree orders, and it can be run in non-commutative algebras too. The coefficients are restricted to rational numbers or the integers mod p with p
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