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I am trying to see the solution to a PDE that I am coding with initial and boundary conditions. I know with the ODE, it shows the solution, but with the PDE I cannot seem to see it. Any suggestions?

Hello. I have a problem with DEplot and I hope someone could help me with this:


I hope every one is ok.

I am running this code (see below)

m := 2;

X[0] := 14;
Y[0] := 18;
a := 1; b := 1; c := .1; d := 1;

alpha := 1;

for k from 0 to m do X[k+1] := GAMMA(k*alpha+1)*(a*X(k)-b*(sum(X(s)*Y(k-s), s = 0 .. k)))/GAMMA(k*alpha+1+1); Y[k+1] := GAMMA(k*alpha+1)*(-c*Y(k)+d*(sum(X(s)*Y(k-s), s = 0 .. k)))/GAMMA(k*alpha+1+1) end do

x := 0; y := 0

The following message pop out.

PLease HELP! HELP!.....



Suppose i have a message X encrypted using RSA with public code (n,e) and ascii (Here we treat the message as an array so don't worry about block-length) how would one go about writing a procedure that given a public key (n,e) with small n and a ciphertext message x will decrypt x. I have been looking online to see how we can get maple to take ascii into consideration but to no avail any help would be appreciated

Consider the following code:

LM := [
A := Matrix([[0,1],[1,0]]);
map(x -> A . x,LM);
A .~ LM;

where LM is a list of two matrices (just a test example), and A is some (test)matrix that I want to multiply onto each of these two matrices from the left, say. The map-construction works, as expected, but the elementwise operation .~ produces an error. Why?

so i  got this code:

But it cannot Find a value for M (wich would be the maximum distance between) it literaly stays working for severeal minutes and necer gives an answer, also i cant find a function to do this for every value for n (n-1 steps from a to b), also would mean that xy would need to get more points, any idea of how can i solve this for any n? or at least fix the problem with M, and i do the steps from a to b Manually.

heeeelp me please this is driving me nuts

thanks a lot :)

i got 2 curves
a := abs(x);
b := (3/4)*x^2+1/4;

how can i get the max distance between them from x = -1 until x =1?




I want to draw  phase plane of system of three fractional order equations. 


Note that 

Also want the  phase portrait when the values of alpha are not same....






I was trying to solve a system of ODE using Maple, but to my surprise, Maple recognizes diff((phi(t), t)) as a variable which is different than t. 

My code is as following:

dsys := {2*m1*(a+l*sin(phi(t)))^2*(diff(diff(theta(t), t), t))+4*m1*(a+l*sin(phi(t)))*l*cos(phi(t))*(diff(theta(t), t))*(diff(phi(t), t)) = M, 2*m1*l^2*(diff(diff(phi(t), t), t))+4*m2*l^2*sin(2*phi(t))*(diff(phi(t), t))*(diff(phi(t), t))+4*m2*l^2*sin(phi(t))^2*(diff(diff(phi(t), t), t))-2*m1*(a+l*sin(phi(t)))*l*cos(phi(t))*(diff(theta(t), t))*(diff(theta(t), t))-2*m2*l^2*(sin(2*phi(t)))(diff(phi(t), t))*(diff(phi(t), t)) = -(2*(m1+m2))*g*l*sin(phi(t))-2*k*l^2*sin(2*phi(t)), phi(0) = 0, theta(0) = 0, (D(phi))(0) = 0, (D(theta))(0) = 0}

subs({M = 10, a = .5, g = 9.81, k = .1, l = .5, m1 = 10, m2 = 1}, dsys);

dsn1 := dsolve(dsys, numeric)

The error I got was Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_input) input system must be an ODE system, got independent variables {t, diff(phi(t), t)}

I don't get why this is happening. Could you show me what's going on?

How do i implement Runge-Kutta of order 6 for a sytem of boundary value problems on maple

This is not a new problem; it is a reoccuring nuisance. When doing a heavy calculation, pressing the 'Interrupt the current operation'-icon will sometimes not halt the execution; rather it continues happily, seemingly without ever stopping. The program does not seem to have stalled, because the executing-bullet at the lower left of the screen flashes back and forth. As the interrupt icon is no longer red, there is no idea in pressing that further. So in these cases, I usually have to resort to an ungraceful shut-down of Maple by way of the Windows job list (Ctrl+Alt+Delete). Is there really no other way?

,Hello everyone 

...I need code for save maple's project like a video



I'm currently using Maple 17 and I'm trying to programatically export .eps 3D plots using the following code:

plotsetup(eps, plotoutput = `square_of_x`, plotoptions = `color=rgb , portrait, noborder, height=4in,width=4in, shrinkby=0.1`)

The problem that I'm facing is:

1- The z-axis label is outside of my figure (see uploaded figure). This happens even if I try to save the figure in .png and it seems that the 'shrinkby' option its not working properly;

Could you help me solving this?




I have just started using Maple, and it seems very powerful. I am trying to solve trigonometric equations and get all the solutions in a range, but when I use fsolve I only get one solution. 

Is this by design of the function or is there another way to do this? 



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