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I want to solve the system of differential equations
sys :=
  diff(x(t,s),t) = y(t,s),
  diff(y(t,s),t) + x(t,s) = 0;

subject to the initial condition
ic := x(0,s) = a(s),
      y(0,s) = b(s);

where a(s) and b(s) are given.

This looks like a system of PDEs but actually it is a system
of ODEs because there are no derivatives with respect to s.
It is easy to obtain the solution by hand:

x(t,s) = b(s)*sin(t) + a(s)*cos(t)
y(t,s) = b(s)*cos(t) - a(s)*sin(t)

I don't know how to get this in Maple, either through dsolve()
or pdsolve().

Actually both dsolve({sys}) and pdsolve({sys}) do return
the correct general solution, however dsolve({sys, ic})
or pdsolve({sys, ic}) produce no output.  Is there a trick
to make the latter work?


hey is there a easy way to make maple solve an equation with similar different variables,

for eksample 

defining the different variables

x_0:=1       x_1:=4           x_2:=10

setting up and equation

solve x * 5

recieving answers for all defined x variables

= [5,20,50]



 The font plot option has no color parameter. 

Dear all,

I use the following statment (without numerical values)

if        IT<20     then        IT:=IT+1            

 if    ZUM<(0.1)^(8);    IT=20;         else;    

for i from 1 to 10   do                               YU[i]:=U[i];                  od;    

for i from 2 to 9 do                           DU1:=YU[i+1]- YU[i-1];        od:      

end if;    


end if;  

the following error occur

where is the problem.

i want to solve this equation,

y''(x)=5*exp(-10/y'(x)) on ]0,15[ with y(0)=0,y(15)=2 

can any one help me ? thank you


I have question. How can I rotate this 2-D plot and create 3-D plot?


Thank you.

Respected member!

Please help me in finding the solution of this problem....










r := .2:

k := 5;



BCSforNum1 := u(0) = 0, (D(u))(0) = 1+beta*(((D@@2)(u))(0)-(D(u))(0)*RealDomain:-`^`(k, -1)), (D(u))(m) = 0, ((D@@2)(u))(m) = 0;

u(0) = 0, (D(u))(0) = 1+.2*((D@@2)(u))(0)-0.4000000000e-1*(D(u))(0), (D(u))(6) = 0, ((D@@2)(u))(6) = 0


v(0) = 1, v(6) = 0


numsol1 := dsolve({BCSforNum1, BCSforNum2, ODEforNum1, ODEforNum2}, numeric, output = listprocedure)

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp) initial Newton iteration is not converging





Dear community, 

I'm new to maple and was wondering if you could help me out.

I have this curve where I want to make a line that goes from x=0.5 up to its value on the curve in this case 1.60 and then all the way to the y-axis so there is an area under the curve which I can color if that's even possible?

I have the following in maple:

k := 2.5;
Ca0 := 1;
v := 20;
Ca := Ca0*(1-x);
                             1 - x
Fa0 := Ca0*v;
Cb := Ca0*x;
ra := k*Ca*Cb;
                         2.5 (1 - x) x
plot(1/ra, x = 0 .. 1);

thank you for your help

Best Regards


I recently encontered a very strange result.

Lets define the procedure:

Fg := proc(x0,y0)
if (x0>=0)and(x0<=3) and (y0<=x0+2) and (y0>=x0-1) and (y0>=0) and (y0 <=3) then
return y0*(3-y0)*x0*(3-x0)*(x0+2-y0)*(y0-x0+1);
return 0;
end if:
end proc:

The plot looks like needed:

plot3d('Fg'(x,y), x=0..3, y=0..3);

But integration returns weird result:

evalf(Int('Fg'(x,y), [x=0..1, y=0..2.1]));


evalf(Int('Fg'(x,y), [x=0..1, y=0..2.2]));

Error, (in evalf/int) when calling 'Fg'. Received: 'cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0 <= x and x <= 3 and y <= x+2 and x-1 <= y and 0 <= y and y <= 3'

hi...i have a problem with pdsolve this equations?

please help me.


Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .



Consider substutition with use of a function:

subs(F(x,y)=f(x)+g(y), F(x,y));

As expected, Maple returns the proper answer:



subs(F(x,y)=f(x)+g(y), F(x,x));



How to force Maple recognize F as a function, in order to obtain


in return?

The functions algsubs, applyrule work in the same way.

Hi, I try to create quizes in Maple 2016, but I don't know how to hide the Maple commands. Is it possible?


I'd like my students to see only 


when they access the quiz. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.


I'm trying to solve a Truck Routing Problem. I set in up in Maple and Excel, but I get a smaller minimum in the spreadsheet, than in Maple. Its like as if I havn't generated enough possible routes, even though i feel i've done an exaustive search. I realise the distance matrix violates the triangle inequality.  Any suggestions....

A very big data was imported by me through

data := Import("");


I need to convert it to Vector/Array. Now its type is "string":


Here is my unsuccessful attempt:

Error, invalid input: `convert/Vector` expects its 1st argument, V, to be of type {Array, Matrix, Vector, array, sequential}, but received 3.0994584798345

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