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@Carl Love thank you! Now I feel stupid lol The equation makes totally sense and it is so simple. Which is a good thing. I tried all equations except for that one! I cant believe that I missed that one. It just illustrate the importance collaboration. Again thanx.

@roman_pearce thank you for your input. I am glad that you think the m3 version of the Surface Pro 4 will be enough. I was so close to canceling my order before I learnt about the cpu:s dynamic frequency scalling. I thought the base frequency of 0.9 GHz was the frequency of the cpu. This would have meant that I could not run Maple 2016 nor Maple 2017 since the requrment is > 1 GHz. I speculate that the reason why Surface Pro 4 m3 version has such low base frequency is to conserve power. 

@Preben Alsholm thanx for your input! Yeahh I have not been around that much so I cant remember what month Maple came out for the last couple of years. March 2017 sounds cool though! Thanx then I have something to hold on to.

@acer thank you

@Mac Dude Since I cant upload a csv-fil on Mapleprimes you can download it from

The odd thing is that:


works even though you get all the data in one column which is not optimal while

ImportMatrix("C:\\mydir\\data1.csv", source = csv);

does not work:

Error, (in ImportMatrix) no delimiter found after line 3082, column 2


If I use this link instead (I got it from google spreadsheets publish online)


I get the following error message:

Error, (in ImportMatrix) no delimiter found after line 3082, column 2

and that is the end of the worksheet! lol


@Carl Love I downloaded the file from the cloud and saved it on my harddrive:


I have also uploaded data1.xlsx (MaplePrimes wont let me upload a csv file so I converted it to a xlsx file)


However, I looked into the file and it is just a bunch of jiberish!

Strange I really want to download my data from google spreadsheets directly. 

Great Work! I wish someone could do the same for finance :-)

@Carl Love that worked excellent! Saved me many many hours thanx :-)

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

I only get error too. Something is broken on MaplePrimes...

@Markiyan Hirnyk I try one more time. Thanx for your time and sorry for that.
Very strange it must be mapleprimes hummm


@Markiyan Hirnyk no problem!

It turns out that the problem is more complicated than I first thought:

The original data is expressed as (for example):


1) First we need to convert it to: ( subs . for / )


2) Then we need to insert .4 ( this is the step that you helped me with ie 4th column) so we get:


3) Then we need to put everything together so we get:,GOOG.NASDAQ_AAS.4

4) Then we can make the api call and get the data.

This example I just did is only for two stocks. In reality I have thousands of stocks
so we need some stable code ie copy past wont work.

@Markiyan Hirnyk excellent stuff!

How would you do the second step from:


for example to:



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