Maple Learn is an incredibly powerful tool for math and plotting, but it is made even more powerful when used in combination with Maple! Using scripting tools in Maple, we can make use of hundreds of commands that can solve complex problems for us. In the example of the Lagrange calculator, we are able to use the Maple command LagrangeMultipliers to generate a plot of the two functions and the critical points, even including text feedback about the points.

Something like this seems like it would take hours and a lot of coding knowledge to create, but a simple Maple command generates the entire plot for us! Then, all we had to do was use a button to update the plot. Give it a try yourself in Maple, run the following command with two functions f and g of your choosing:

That’s all there is to it! We now have a complex 3D plot showing the Lagrange problem, something that can be difficult to visualize in multivariate calculus. If we want detailed feedback about the Lagrange problem values, simply change output to detailed from plot:

Check out the entire Maple document (.mw file) to see how the Learn page was generated and to try things out for yourself. This entire document uses the LagrangeMultipliers command, but Maple has hundreds more to experiment with, so the possibilities are virtually limitless!

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Maple Learn Document:

Maple .mw file:

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