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Maple has issues integrating products of Bessel functions over an infinite range, and in fact, this extends to trig functions. The integrals in the attached should return as delta functions but don't.

Is there like   Library available in maple for enumerate in for loop?

i would like to like shift 9 times and create 100 mapping for each sequence 

Hello Users!

I want to assign some specific names of elements in a vector A:

A:=Vector[row](19, {(1) = 14.9057064333276, (2) = 14.4384716751962, (3) = 14.0155569170648, (4) = 13.6381346589334, (5) = 13.3075724008020, (6) = 13.0254476426706, (7) = 12.7935628845392, (8) = 12.6139606264079, (9) = 12.4889383682765, (10) = 12.4210636101451, (11) = 12.4131888520137, (12) = 12.4684665938823, (13) = 12.5903643357509, (14) = 12.7826795776196, (15) = 13.0495548194882, (16) = 13.3954925613568, (17) = 13.8253703032254, (18) = 14.3444555450940, (19) = 14.9584207869626});







Later, I have to use y[1,1], y[1,2],...,y[1,19] for further calculations. I used op command but it does not work. Please help me how I can assign the name. 

I am waiting for your respone. Thanks in advance.

when I define piecwise function as

f := x -> piecewise(0 <= t, 1, t < 0, t - 1)

and I define his antiderivative

F := x -> int(f(t), t = 1 .. x)


Maple gives

x - 1

which is obviously wrong (but I guess it's ok only for x=>0)

what to do to be correct?

f := n->local p := round(n) mod 2; 1/2 + (-1)^p/n/2^p;
f := proc (n) options operator, arrow; `if`(1 < modr(n-1/2, 2),

   1/2+1/n, 1/2-(1/2)/n) end proc

     f := proc (n) local p; options operator, arrow; p :=

f := n->local p := round(n) mod 2; 1/2 + (-1)^p/n/2^p;


Correct plot


Wrong plot



Can someone explain why I have to put ' ' around f to get the right plot? Clearly it has something to do with round and/or mod. Why does maple have this stupid issues? Cause it seems like it is very error prone. I know it's wrong only cause I know what to expect.

I'm trying to lad a comma separated data set and I get an "Invalid minus error".  Neither the filename nor the data set has a minus anywhere in them.  See attached file:  SST Gm  

Download SST_Gm_Stats.mwDownload

Since I can't upload a .csv file here are its contents:


Where's the "minus" let alone an invalid one?



Let's say I have an mpl file and in this file there are several lines $include<~/~/~.mpl> and in some of those called mpl files, there are also some more include lines. And assume the paths of these files are given relative to a specific folder. Now I guess this specific folder has to be mentioned by modifying includepath. But looking at the help pages related to includepath (here and here) I get this sentence "it can be modified by calling kernelopts(includepath)", but I tired typing things like kernelopts(includepath):="C:\\Homes\\testFolder"; and still I see "" for kernelopts(includepath);. How can I tell Maple to look for the files relative to this location either by typing something at the Maple worksheet before typing read("C:\\Home\\testFolder\\main.mpl); or by adding a line at my main mpl file?

Is there a Maple command to obtain a Taylor series and partial sums of exp(A) where A is a square matrix ?

Some of you know me from my occasional posts on Maple’s typesetting and plotting features, but today, I am here in my new role as co-chair (along with Rob Corless of Western University) of the 2021 Maple Conference. I am pleased to announce that we have just opened the Call for Presentations.

This year’s conference will be held Nov. 2 – Nov. 5, 2021. It will be a free virtual event again this year, making it an excellent opportunity to share your Maple-related work with others without the expenses and inconveniences of travel.

Maple Conference 2021 invites submissions of proposals for presentations on a range of topics related to Maple, including Maple in education, algorithms and software, and applications. All presenters will be given the option of submitting a full paper, which will undergo peer review, and if accepted, be included in the conference proceedings.

Presentation proposals are due June 1, 2021.

You can find more information about the themes of the conference, how to submit a presentation proposal, and the program committee on Maplesoft Conference Call for Presentations.

Registration for attending the conference will open in June. Another announcement will be made at that time.

I sincerely hope that all of you here in the Maple Primes community will consider joining us for this event, whether as a presenter or attendee.

Hi everyone, i want to draw 3d graphics of fractional solution with given by Mittag Leffler function in cantor sets. I want to see like this graphic. I added maple file. Thanks in advance.

Dear all

I tried to used insert code edit region, to write many subcodes 

but no return varibales names.

example, x:=3;

when I run the code, I get only the number affected to x, I would like to get 


Thank you 



Dear all

I compute the integral of continuous function but maple return a complexe number.

A continuous function defined on a closed interval its integral is a number, why maple in my case return a complex number

thank your for your help 


Dear all

When I compute 
int( sin(log(x)),x=0..2) 
I obtain an exact value of the integral 
but one I compute 
int( sin(log(x+1)),x=-1..1) 
I obtain undefined integral

The two integrals are the same, using the change of variable z=x+1

Many thinks

Hello everyone!

I'm not experienced user since I am new to maple, right now I am struggling with partial derivatives.

I want to derivative formula L over diff(x(t), t). Im using dot notation.


Variable diff(x(t), t) is hidden under the name predkosc_x but using this variable name instead of x(t) with a dot also is not working.


What am I doing wrong that I cant derivative over few varaibles?





Also when im trying it this way

I also fail


My name is Francisco Navarro. I have a problem when using diff and alias, together with seq or sum.

A very simplified worksheet of what I mean would be


alias(a1 = a1(r), a2 = a2(r), a3 = a3(r))

array1 := [a1, a2, a3]

array2 := [seq(cat(a, i), i = 1 .. 3)]

array1 - array2

This gives [0,0,0] so they are the same thing but, under differentiation, they do not behave the same way (so they are NOT exactly the same object for Maple)

diff(array1, r)

diff(array2, r)

which are different. Any idea of what is wrong with this?

I need to create long arrays with funcions that depend on several values and then differentiate those arrays. But clearly this approach does not work. Thank you for your answer.


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