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I'd like to extract numerical data from the plot of a implicit function and write it to the txt file. But, unfortunately due to a strong oscillating function and as a consequence extremely dense meshgrid I got a message that [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000]. How to resolve this problem? Below is my code

R0 := 1+w_c*(sum((2*(-1)^(n+1)*Pi^2/n*n)*t*sin(2*Pi*n*mu/w_c)*cos(Pi*n)*exp(-2*Pi*n*G/w_c)/(w_c*sinh(2*Pi^2*n*t/w_c)), n = 1 .. 3000))/Pi-mu;
with(plots, implicitplot);
G := 0.; t := 0.1e-2;
R1 := implicitplot(R0, w_c = 0 .. 5, mu = 0 .. 3, gridrefine = 10):
data := getdata(R1);

Thank you in advance.

Knowing X's PDF is a piecewise function,=cx^2 for 0<=x<3, 0,otherwise

Q1 solve P{-1<=X<=1}

Is it possble to use CDF solve?or I must use calculus?





Dear Friends

I would like to know how I can show a simple arrow on a curve in a plot. For example for the simple sample y=x^2, for x>0, I want to show with an arrow in the figure that the trajectory begins from the point (0,0) and tends to come to the point (3,9). Or any other examples you want.

Thanks a lot

i want to plot

u(x,y,z,t)=tanh(x+y+z-wt),  (w is a constant)

could you help me please? 

i would like to to test and do hash on a 2d array and then predict this hash and then reverse back to another hash which can convert back to 2d array , how to do?

Dear Community,

I would like to evaluate this difficult function:  

Unfortunately when I try to define it in Maple, I always get an error message. I tried it in many different ways, but always failed. See also the attached workbook. Can someone pls. have a look, what I do wrong?

Tx for your kind help in advance,

best regards



Hi guys, Maple always shows the same result when I use sqrt() function

How can I fix it? Thanks

I'm using Win10, maple 2016.

I'm using high contrast mode (dark mode, white on black). Maple looks broken, the text is black on black, and in the side panel, some of the buttons are shiney white.

How do I set maple to support high contrast?

Consider two polynomials p and q in t. For example, p(t)=t^2+2*t and q(t)=t^3*(t+2). I want to find Gcd(p,q). But before I find it, solve an inequality and obtain that t<>-2. After that when I evaluate Gcd(p,q), I dont want maple to return t*(t+2) as Gcd because t<>-2 and thus the factor (t+2) is an unwanted common divisor. Is there a way to tell maple that "find the Gcd over a spesific domain". Because, otherwise maple needlessly spend time for finding the gcd. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi guys,

I have problem with doing a complicated integral ! 

Thanks for your help.



This is a simple model of the covid infection as it applies here, down under, without the use of any de's like

I'm told a substantial number of people do recover within 45 days ....
So on the 45th day 1 person has recovered, on day 50 two people have recovered and so on.

Just want to know how to write this sequence...

I have a bivariate polynomial in x,y,say P, and a parameter, say d, appears in P. I want to find d for which P has at least one non trivial factor. Is there  a fats way to do this in maple. Any help would be appreciated.


I am struggling to find a way to change a term like x to x(t) automatically. If I have something like

Data := x^2

diff(Data, x);

the result is 2x

How can I change this 2x to be 2x(t)?





Hi guys,

I am trying to find x(t) from these two equations:

odeA := m*diff(x(t), t, t) = -m*A*sin(2*Pi*f*t) - k*x(t) + 0.5*q(t)*(N__f*epsilon__0*L*(-2*x(t)/(G^2 - x(t)^2) + 2*(G__1^2 - x(t)^2)*x(t)/(G^2 - x(t)^2)^2)*(G^2 - x(t)^2)/(2*tan(alpha)*(G__1^2 - x(t)^2)) + N__f*epsilon__0*L*(-2*x(t)/(G^2 - x(t)^2) + 2*(G__2^2 - x(t)^2)*x(t)/(G^2 - x(t)^2)^2)*(G^2 - x(t)^2)/(2*tan(alpha)*(G__2^2 - x(t)^2)))/(N__f*epsilon__0*L*ln((G__1^2 - x(t)^2)/(G^2 - x(t)^2))/(2*tan(alpha)) + N__f*epsilon__0*L*ln((G__2^2 - x(t)^2)/(G^2 - x(t)^2))/(2*tan(alpha)) + C__p) - d*diff(x(t), t);

diff(q(t), t) = (q(t)/(N__f*epsilon__0*L*ln((G__1^2 - x(t)^2)/(G^2 - x(t)^2))/(2*tan(alpha)) + N__f*epsilon__0*L*ln((G__2^2 - x(t)^2)/(G^2 - x(t)^2))/(2*tan(alpha)) + C__p) + V__bias)/R1


How can I use dsolve to find x(t), apart from q(t) all other parameters are constant.




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