If you've seen Paulina's announcement then you know that we are once again holding a virtual Maple Conference this year.  As well, we are once again going to have a virtual gallery featuring artwork and creative projects submitted by the Maple community!

Last year we had a number of great submissions to our Maple Art Gallery and our Maple Learn Creative Showcase.  These were our excellent prize winners.

From left to right we have A visualization of all the primitive roots of 10037 created by Simon Plouffe, winner of the Judge’s Choice, Mother’s Day Rose created with Maple plots by Greg Wheaton, winner of the People’s Choice, and Mona Lisa in Maple Learn created by Paul DeMarco (with help from Leonardo DaVinci), the winner of the People’s Choice for the Maple Learn Showcase.

This year we are expanding the Gallery into two collections to encourage more people to submit.  They are

  • The Art Gallery - A small gallery to highlight high effort, mathematically interesting works (with stricter criteria)

  • The Creative Works Showcase - A larger showcase for nearly any interesting visual works created with Maplesoft products like Maple Learn and Maple

Feel free to submit nearly anything cool for the Creative Works Showcase, if we find it particularly impressive we might even ask you to let us consider it for the gallery.  Also, do not be intimidated by the title "Art Gallery" we're looking for anything that has taken some artistic effort and tells a mathematical story.

For more information on critera and how to submit, please visit our Call for Creative Works.  The important deadline to know is the September 14th deadline for submission of works with virtual gallery reception and awards ceremony durring the conference October 26-27.

I look forward to seeing all the submissions for the Maple community again this year!

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