Maple T.A.  7 and Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite 7 are now available.

Maple T.A. 7 provides new options for analyzing grades and gaining a deep understanding of how students are performing, including:

  • Instructors can view all responses to an assignment question, to easily look for patterns
  • The grading scheme for the entire course can be defined inside Maple T.A., with appropriate weightings and flexible policies for dealing with missed, repeated, and worst assignments
  • New palettes for entering derivative and integrals
  • Matrix questions are now highly flexible and easy to respond to.  Students can enter arbitrary matrices of any size, using standard mathematical notation  The instructor can grades individual elements or the entire matrix at once, allowing greater precision in feedback and the option of partial grading.

Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite 7 is powered by Maple T.A. 7, so all the new results analysis capabilities in Maple T.A. 7 are also available to Placement Test Suite 7 customers.  In particular, for those who customize their placement tests, Maple T.A. provides new statistical measurements that can be used to ensure a high quality placement test in which success on individual questions has a high correlation to success on the overall test.

For more information on these and other new features, visit the What’s New.



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