At one point mapleprimes was fun and enjoyable ... until you get thumbed down with no explanation, it's really a kick in the teeth to see such things.  Because I see the thumbs down is still operational as it was to be removed.

This forum is not about some power trip and getting points thumbing people down or up and destroying the order of posts.  This is about sharing information and helping people get answers, if the answer is not good then let someone explain, not hide behind some down thumbing.

Let me say that someone well know here has left this mapleprimes and has not posted nor contributed for quite some time because of such `my answer is better than yours` attitude and thumbing etc...  This percieved harshness at the forum here does make one hesitate about posting or sharing anything at all.

I suppose some people think it's a game to see who can get more points or I can downthumb this guy because that's not right.  Some people may even think it's constructive, in my opinion it's more detrimental than useful.  It's really good to see thumbs up, but to see thumbs down has the complete opposite effect.


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