Maple 16 introduced dramatic changes to the postscript export facility of 3d plots. This is great news, but some bugs remain. Let me report here about my experience. (Note: Maple 15's 3d ps export was something like an encapsulated bmp, while Maple 16 is a genuine level3 postscript export tool)

The initial release in Maple 16.00 was buggy. In my experience, the export would hang most of the time. An improved release came with Maple 16.01. I have not experienced any crashes so far, but there are serious problems with the exported plots. Let me make a short list and illustrate with figures.

  1. The third axis label is dropped. This problem also occurs with other export formats, such as png. I have experienced this problem for a while, going back to Maple 15, 14 and perhaps earlier.
  2. Some axes are dropped
  3. Some axes are drawn in the wrong color
  4. The axes and labels get hidden in the background


Example 1. png followed by the ps:



Example 2. png followed by ps


the code:


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