Maple T.A. 9 is here!

The new release includes a large selection of useful new features and enhancements, including:

- Content. Maple T.A. 9 includes an easy mechanism to share questions with the community and access questions created by others, through the Maple T.A. Cloud. The Maple T.A. Cloud already contains thousands of questions that you can use and modify.

- Adaptive Testing. Expanding on the adaptive question type first introduced in Maple T.A. 8, Maple T.A. 9 offers adaptive testing at the assignment level that is more flexible than any other system. 

Scalability. Maple T.A.9 is now capable of handling an order of magnitude more students than ever before using distributed load balancing across multiple servers.

To learn more about these and other new features in Maple T.A. 9, visit What’s New in Maple T.A. 9.


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